EnCorps STEM Mentors

What is an EnCorps STEM Mentor?

EnCorps STEM Mentors, as members of the EnCorps Teachers Program, provide a necessary service to students in high need schools who benefit from assistance in the areas of science and mathematics. At the same time, their participation will meet the various needs of the mentors, parents, schools, and the community at large.

Corporate professionals who work in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based positions will be matched with students based on the needs specified by the classroom teacher or partner organization. In addition, college graduates who hold a degree in the sciences or mathematics are also eligible to become an EnCorps STEM Mentor.


What is the Purpose?

The primary purpose of EnCorps STEM Mentors is to help increase students' knowledge and skills in science and/or math and to build relationships that support student self-efficacy. EnCorps STEM Mentors will be prepared to assist students in areas where their knowlege and work experience can enhance student performance.



Corporate Professionals:

- Receive training in strategies for working with teachers and students

- Gain an understanding of pedagogy

- Teach lessons alongside a teacher

- Opportunity to influence the educational and work future of a young student



- Stregnthening of science and/or math knowledge and skills

- Learn from a real-world scientist, engineer, banker, etc.

- Extra assistance

- One-on-one attention

- Opportunity to see Math and Science in action instead of in the workplace


Delivery Methods

Face-to-face – Meeting with students in their learning environment (school or community organization within a 20 mile radius)

Online – This allows for maximum usage of time for mentors who do not live in close vicinity to the school the student attends. Two face-to-face meetings are expected

Hybrid Environment Mentors and students will participate in a combination of face-to-face and online meetings, which they will agree upon as a mentor/mentee team.

Electronic Communications – Telephone, email, and/or texts can also be used to communicate during the mentor/mentee relationship.